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Originally Posted by apt13 View Post
have fun with the fork rebuild. i got through the teardown of my forks this weekend and realized whoever "rebuilt" them previously must have been very drunk or smoking something, haha. no wonder i had mysterious noises and clunks. lots of little things missing and lots of things replaced in the incorrect order. a mixture of new looking rubber "bumpers" along with some completely disintegrated rubber parts and plenty of sludge. the rebuild kit didn't come with some of the missing odds and ends, so the forks are still in pieces on the floor while i figure out what extra bits i need to get. fun times.
Nice, yes, I'm learning all about the joys of previous owners;) - where'd you get your fork rebuild kits?

So after my delightful time with Mike and Renner I was all motivated to change my transmission fluid last night (a first for me - well all this stuff are firsts for me;) ) and I was successful changing the fluid and had a great time, but I learned a new word - "emulsify" - a word that should be reserved for things like salad dressing and homogenized milk!

fluid immediately poured out of the FILL hole once the plug was removed.

the glob on the magnetic bolt - no "chunks" of metal but was definitely gritty

the nastiness draining out. (PO had not used a crush washer here, but it hadn't been leaking - I used one on reassembly)

I'm going to try to do the shaft and final drive this week too and see what I find:)
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