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Cool2 Re: Muddaholic

I'd better reply to this fast before my "friend" Faceplant says something unsavory about me. I work in Agricultural Economics in Africa. This ranges from research on agricultural trends to more agri-business related work. Right now I'm working as a consultant on several projects aiming to create commercially viable value chains (for animal vaccines, for example).

Most of the guys I ride with in Tanzania have more respectable jobs. There are electricians, contractors, engineers (for mobile phone companies, water systems, electricity), etc. Mind you, not everybody can run their own business successfully in Africa. It takes a hell of a lot more effort to be, say, an electrician in a country as messed up as Tanzania.

By the way, with a tag like Muddaholic, you would probably enjoy the rides in my sig line more than this Vespa stuff! Have a gander at the Kilimanjaro or Kilombero links.

Don't be surprised.
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