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PackMule et. all I'm not sure what the communication constraints are but is internet always available in the bivvy? how possible would it be to utilize existing services like Skype for the call-ins to reduce cost, or perhaps simply record the call-ins to .mp3's then zip them all up and FTP them stateside where they can then be put into your boradcast and reserve sat calls for the priceless interviews to reduce expenses?

Also I know there was some concern about the broadcasts being able to be viewed on tablet devices and web-TV's which from what I understand for the most part was not a problem. If some sort of HTML5 container with flash fallback needs to be developed so as to reach the broadest audience then as a web-developer myself I'd be willing to donate my services to facilitate your needs as best I'm able.

I'm sure there are others on here with the know how as well who feel the same about this indispensable service you provide and we should all pool our resources to help those who have provided what is probably the most comprehensive coverage of the Dakar available.

Even if you just want to run some ideas by someone who deals with spreading content on the net day in and day out please do not hesitate to PM me and we can start a dialogue for next year's needs.
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