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Originally Posted by BC61 View Post
What's a decent bike? The $50k factory KTM Rally? Several of them burned to the ground and pretty much all of them had fuel delivery problems at one time or another. The Honda's? A few top team bikes went out due to stator issues. Same scenario with the Yamaha's. The Speedbrain Husky's had starting issues on the first day. Since every machine in the race had some kind of issue during the race it's a tough call. What do you suggest and can I count on you when it comes time to raise the funds?

Thanks for the tip.

Neduro's ride seemed fairly solid and relativity affordable.
Don't reinvent the wheel, spend time preparing other aspects.
In my experience, the more you spend and the fancier it gets, the more problems surface and problems get more difficult to solve.
Good luck! Looking forward to following along on the comfort of my couch....
Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.

Steve Mcqueen
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