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Hello Matteo,
Firstly let me start by thanking you for the tremendous job you are doing here providing this valuable information for us all.
It is indeed a fantastic service to have this contact with you, and be able to talk directly to yourself in the marketing department of a fantastic company like Spidi.
I have a couple of questions if you don't mind :-

1/ I am very interested in buying a Spidi 365 Expedition pro suit and have been reading some of your comments on this suit with interest, you state that the outer shell itself is made from 3 layers :-

Cordura nylon with teflon water repellant treatment
H2out waterproof membrane
18d tricot

So, is the 3 layer material itself 100% waterproof ? ( not concerned with the open vents at the moment, I understand that is what the H2out second layer is for )

I understand that if you ride for more than 2 hrs or so in the rain, water will get into the jacket, but only through the non waterproof vents, and not the outer material, is this correct?
Will the outer layer "wet out" or get sodden with water?, or does it shed water like a Rukka Gore Tex pro shell. ?

If the main shell material is indeed 100% waterproof, I think Spidi need to make this more clear in your literature, myself, like a lot of people I suspect, was under the impression that the outer shell is not waterproof at all and the only waterproofing is provided by the H2out second liner.

2/ My second question is where can I find a dealer near me that actually has a suit in stock that I can try on?

I am in the North of England, near to Newcastle and cannot find a dealer near me with the Spidi 365 Expedition pro suit in stock.
I could try on a different Spidi jacket and then order the 365 Exp pro from someone like Grand Prix Legends, but I would be more or less guessing on sizes.

I feel Matteo that Spidi are loosing quite a lot of sales to Rukka for two reasons :-

1/ Because of the confusion regarding the waterproofness of the outer shell, ie people think they are going to get water coming straight through the outer shell without the second H2out membrane in.

2/ The difficulty in finding a stockist to try the suit on,.... I can walk into 3 Rukka dealers within a 60 mile radius and try any of their suits on, I have never ever seen a Spidi Ergo 365 Expedition suit, either in a dearer, or on a rider,........... It would be easier to find a Unicorn!!

I can't buy one if I can't find one, its that simple.

Thanks in advance for your help Matteo
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