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Originally Posted by Carlos M View Post
Never seen this before. You designed/built it yourself? looks smart!

Can't figure if it would be ergonomically advantageous, would have to try it.
Yes, Ive made a handfull of parts for the bike as it sits, here are some of the proto's of the switches.

It's actually amazingly easy to reach and these switches are the same as the MecaSys roadbook switches and have a very nice solid feel to them.

Sure they won't be for everyone, but putting them there opens up more room on the bars for other things and keeps them in a safe area.

I did find some strangeness with the motor drive chip I have, it can have a hesitation if you continuously go back and forth between forward and reverse quickly and enough times, but works fine if you pause between pushing the buttons. I think it has to do with the enable saturation point in this particular chip, I just ordered a dual chip with higher load capacity and some 16 pin sockets, its like 2 chips in one and is reversible in the socket if one side fails.


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