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Ergo 365 Pro Suit

Originally Posted by Poucher View Post
[SIZE=2]Hello Matteo,
Firstly let me start by thanking you for the tremendous job you are doing here providing this valuable information for us all.
It is indeed a fantastic service to have this contact with you, and be able to talk directly to yourself in the marketing department of a fantastic company like Spidi.
I have a couple of questions if you don't mind :-
Poucher, thanks a lot for your good words on Spidi.

Regarding Ergo 365 Pro Suit outer shield: the external fabric is what you reported, a very high-quality 3-layers Cordura+H2Out+18d Tricot. Not only it is waterproof, it has even incredible performances about strength, durability, water-repellancy (doesn't soak) and breathability.
But we will never call the external shield of the Ergo: "waterproof". To resist 2 hours of rain is not enough to be declared waterproof. Or at least, not for Spidi.
Our literature is not poor (as you claim): we just need to give what we promise, and if Spidi claims it is waterproof, it has to be waterproof without a time limit or any other marketing trick: waterproof is waterproof.

Regarding availability in your area: Ergo 365 Pro Suit is very rare to find indeed all around the world, I understand you're having problems to find it. Production is very limited due to low capability production line (our Ergo production line in Romania-Europe is very sophisticated but only 50 people there) and demand for this item far exceeds supply. Spidi can not increase production quantity at the moment, and won't do in the near future, due to very high standard they request for workers skills and limited number of high-end machinery.

Anyway, here you find a list of UK Spidi Authorized dealers:
Grandprixlegends or Revzilla could also help you in this.

Let me know if something is not clear.

Thanks for your interest

Matteo De Vito
Spidi Marketing Dept
Vicenza - Italy
Established in 1977, Spidi is a world leader in technical motorcycle apparel.

Spidi is creator of Ergo Jacket.

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