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Originally Posted by alfredman22 View Post
Long story........but the neighbor and I both have bikes and ride. He helped out a random stranger a few years ago with car problems. They get to talking says he has a bike that he bought brand new, rode for a year or two, then put into dry storage and has been sitting ever since. Funny thing is I met my neighbor by being stranded on the side of the road with bike problems also. Guy gives him a crazy deal on it because he helped him, neighbor rips entire bike apart and makes it beautiful. Lends it out to anybody who wants to "learn how to ride," including my wife. Fast forward a few years and he texts me its for sale. Now I am continuing the tradition. Alot of peoples first experience on two wheels stemmed from this bike and I want to continue that!

Kinda serendipitous huh?
Yup, serendipitous indeed, that's why I bought a DT.

That bike is a steal!
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