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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
That's the first I've heard of the racing mods at being overzealous. I've been hanging around long enough to know that there is Jo momma and then there is the rest of the site and Jo momma continues to exist for a reason and part of that reason is why it is separated from the rest of the forums. The moderation hand here is pretty light, but after 20 pages of calling Despres and Petehansel a dick, enough was enough. I wasn't censorship, it was the voices of reason culling crap to get the conversation kick started again.

Think of the mods as the supremely generous Paulo Goncalves digging the conversation out of the mud for it to get going again at full speed. Like Goncalves, the mods do their job, smiling and unthanked.

If you have an axe to grind, the friendly folks in JM can sharpen you right up.

Once the point is made, there's no point in cluttering up a thread, especially when there's a race on. The odds are, if you've had to repeat yourself three or four times already, nobody really cares what you think anyhow. PackMule did a generous job of letting things go until everyone had had their say (and then some), but he was absolutely correct to chop it off.

There's a place for all the off-topic arguments anybody wants to have. Rather than whine about "overbearing" mods, you might want to check your own footing.
Public Service Announcement: even for asshats, suggesting they set themselves on fire is a bit much.
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