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Originally Posted by LAYNFRM View Post
anyone swapped a couple 4" (or larger for bottom light) HIDs in their factory headlight housing? i've got a couple WARN 4" HIDs they gave us through desert racing sponsorship, and i'm really thinking about keeping the factory headlight housing, but modifying the inside via holesaw to house two lights. might consider a projector headlight from a car up top as the low beam, and the WARN light for the high beam. i don't like the look of the rallye style fairings with two little projectors, so that idea is out. i need to measure when i get home from the firehouse to see if i can fit anything larger in there, and if the WARN light is too thick. i'm wanting to keep it fairly factory looking. i already have some auxilliary lights with the triple mount from our fellow ADVer, and plan to swap some LED bars onto it from my other sponsor, Black Knight Lighting.

basically, it'd be setup similar to the trailtech X2, but behind the factory headlight cover and windshield. the brighter, the better!

and yes, i've searched, but didn't see anything i liked, and touratech is too expensive, especially since i already have/can easily (cheaply) obtain most of the lights anyways.

I've been thinking about it, and I even have an extra headlight housing to play with, but I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Seems like the best way would be to get a good projector headlight with the cutoff mask included, and fit it into the lower headlight area, leaving the upper parking light alone. Check out They sell a 1 light kit for bikes, looks like the projector is 3-4" diameter including the mounting plate. $150 for one light, including the HID bulb and ballast. . . . pretty good deal for good light, but I'm a cheap bastard, so I haven't done it yet.

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