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What was the container on the skid plate holding on the right hand side (next to the water pump)?

Assuming you could hold all necessary fuel in the rear of the bike (+ the container behind the cylinder head)
would you reconsider moving the 3 litres of water to somewhere behind the handlebars (where you had the Safari tank IIRC)...

Tools could then go on the rear fender, and you would only need a (slightly beefed up) enduro-type skid plate to protect the engine.

I think Manuel Lucchese did something like that on his Husaberg, (that is, no compartments welded onto the skid plate,
he just ran a minimal skid plate. Too minimal for my taste, but hey):

Not sure where he stashed the water supply.

The 449's placement of the water pump down there warrants some different thinking... here is the Bianchi Prata version,
but I'm not sure they have factored in the 3 litre water container:

As you can see they have the plastic guard on, but a similar design in thick aluminium, with slightly better side coverage could do the trick just fine... I know hindsight is 20/20 and not trying to preach here, just very interested in how someone could make the new Husky platform work for rallies (that, and the 2010 511 I mentioned is still for sale at a new lower price )
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