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Some said some not,................

The race:
Following it.
Mischa did again a great job. And it is awsome. And listed wishes too .
But liked the idea off a second independed racingboard, there two in the Netherlands now.
So one fails the otherone runs, many reporters used it during the race for comment,

Lots of people following the top riders and hoped not to be 205. Looks like a race on ADV.
The establised F5 crew find not top10 riders information on position, not easy too find background story.
This takes time to check and following the race

The lurkers, fine, someday they mix up. Was one too.
Those, these, the ADV Dakar is a international thread.
There some ADVer who dig up search for stories, background information, this takes a lot off time, but like the stories off the established crew wo has the skills too regulation and rules,.
The science off knowing where too look.

Lurker next year take a project, a rider, foto, local news, country (translated english) and do some digging, you see that Dakar gone live more in your mind. All small projects makes a biggy.

Tryed to do this the last year, take and give.

Then there must come out a more informational firehose,..................

This all give the dakar more intensity.

Riders make the stories, nice too hear the ins and out.
A good not basic question, give use a good impression.
It's a shame that we do not know and have too find out the riders in the classes.

Aso mail. perhaps.
Nice too see races in a race.

More women riders wanted,....................and in the casting crew.
Shame that i do not understand Alina well, nice turning of facts, hey, official dakar shirt is expensive. ha.
Asked the seller. Dakarfun.


3 weeks live braodcast.

Am i dreaming. Maybe experimental.
Music, that fade away when talking notes. Music delays between them.
Is it possible to make from text voice.
The established crew has a separate official website screen with star boxes, important news the give three stars done that the program broadcast it. And a replay button 1 2 3 times over a hour So a webradio with spoken notes from the official dakar race thread.

So that hayduke can print his F5 t shirts.
And write a note when he can.

Llike to have 1 hour only bikes. Eurosport or what ever.
More privateers in action. I like to live 1 categorie intensively, bikes, and not from all some. I saw that i turned eurosport down, to do something else when truck appeared, okay looked with a half eye.

Hoped that more TV stations send out HD quality streams. Like TN argentina, TVpublica had the start, TV peru the finish, in low quality. Perhaps now write these stations if start finish is know for next year. There goverments spend so much money in the Dakar and missed the oppertunity too broadcasts it properly too the world. Marketing faillure.
Now i know about peru.

I saw so much camera's in the crowd during the race and so less on the internet. There, i hoped too find more privateers riders to pop up.

Behind the scene, last year i liked a reportage of a guy that mostly only maked pictures of the crew route, what happend in the surroundings. Nice shots, missed it this year.

Social media:
Separation off bikes cars and trucks.
Their groups all over the world, mostly canalazation all dakar news.

As we are bike forum,....................
Stick too one categorie.

There twitter accounts, that twitter all.
But their also twitteraccounts that do only bike information
Riders, rallygroups, rallyradio, and such bike orientated groups, individual during thes weeks.

also canalazation of bikes twitteraccounts on a separated webpage.

only bikersinformation
not everyone use # dakar or such
i tried a twittersearch on name riders, their popped up some intresting things, some rubbish too, names are common.

But every time to type those names, only for me others can use that too.

All ridersnames in a fill in webpage, twitter names bikes only

Their popped up some nice facebook pages, with pics an stories.

Then on wegpage three-six colloms
North america, south america, europe, asia/russia. africa australia. Continental twitter, Dakar bikes only streams

In the list on the webpage

ADV webpage:
Only updated on dakar times.

What would you do if there was no base ADV forum.
also and, mischa page, if we did not have that, how would it be in the firehose this this year.

So for the better things, a good base is the..............................

So too all ADV programmers, hope you all can give us the base for a next more exceptional, intensive, qualitative Dakar 2013. You got a whole year,

Open a thread

Sorry for my language failures, as i normally.....................also use one finger the otherones i wrote some down what comes up, crashed a few times and never looked over the shoulder if some car/truck is coming. So just use the sentinel....................

Just some thoughts.

If you do not understand, just ask and i do my best to explain what i mean.

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