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Originally Posted by Dracothius View Post
It's like talking to Harley riders and trying to point out flaws with their bikes. I asked for advice and get satirical comments and relpies because the thought that their bikes may not be able to do what I ask of them is absolutely ridiculous. I posted here because I was saying why I (and most people) have not pulled the trigger on a supermoto. Most people will not own more then one bike and need that bike to be able to perfom multiple tasks. Such as the tasks I stated. Then they come on these forums and say, you know I've been riding offroad, onroad, never rode, whatever and I would like advice on whether or not these biikes can handle my needs. The community responds with: of course you idiot, to even think otherwise proves you have never rode one and should just go ride with the dentists who ride once a month on 30,000 dollar motorcycles. Thank you for being just like every other motorcycle clique. The starbucks riders would be proud.
I was aiming for a chuckle, but seem to have hit a nerve.

Let's see:
300lbs with gear
~150lbs with gear (wife)
~15-20 lbs extra gas
~50-60lbs of luggage

so about 500-550 lbs

There are very few bikes that can handle that duty continuously. The Goldwing is one.

I too can only afford 1 bike and it must perform multiple duties. However, it performs 1 job far more than others. That is what drove me to purchase my particular machine. It can still handle the others, but I woudln't use it that way full time. I am sure that you and the wife would not be packing up for a trip every day, but maybe once or twice a season. I would suggest that as a guide.

I do not own a supermoto, but I think it is a great bike for commuting and occasional 2 up touring. Most of all, some back road scratching.
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