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Originally Posted by Dracothius View Post
Yea, sorry about that. Hard to interpret true meaning through here. I get so much crap on here for some of the questions I ask that I always assume people mean it that way. Minus the wife, I'm still around 400lbs with gear, etc. I just dont know if these bikes can handle weight like that every day. Right now I drive 30min to over a hour depending on if I'm going to one of my jobs or school. There are sections where 70-80 mph is the norm for driving speed. I don't plan on having my wife with me too much but, who knows. I keep coming back to the dr 650. It seems to really be able to do anything. Even made to do some things quite well. We'll see. I really need to get her and go ride them. I have rode them by myself and they seem(with some investments in supsension,etc.) to be very capable machines.
Not a problem. You are right, it is hard to tell when someone is joking or being a jerk. I have been accused of both and worse. (must use more smileys)

I have a KLX650. It is similar in ergo's to a KLR, but the engine is different, more powerful. They were only shipped to the USA from 93-96 but were sold until the early 2000's elsewhere. I got it because @6'7" it fit me and the main purpose of commuting with light trails and occasional 2 up riding.
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