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Just in case you're interested:

Here are a couple of photos of my Bar mounted MC installation.

As you can see, I used a stock BMW under-tank splitter. The lines I ordered came straight from Spiegler. They're great suppliers and all I had to do was to describe what I was doing and they sent me the right stuff first time.

Is the splitter installation better than using a double banjo fitting? IMO, no. The two approaches are interchangeable and which one you use will be a completely personal decision.

Both systems work very well but when I was building my bike, my intent was to build my personal version of "Pre-R90S" R100S, so I pretty much duplicated the stock BMW system with the brake switch in the handgrip. The double banjo set-up just looks too non-stock for my tastes and the splitter allows the brake hoses to follow the same routes as the stock R90S/r100S installations. SShaft likes the double banjo set-up and that OK but I've never had a leak or any other problem with my BMW brake system. It's all plug and play and the performance is exactly the same but theres something to be said for keeping the visuals as close to stock as possible.

Lastly... The handle bar MC will fit under the "S" fairing if you're using BMW "S" bars but I doubt that you'll be able to run anything higher. The K75S bars that are so nice on the RS might work but I haven't tried that trick. If they did work, I think we'd know about it by now and I like my "real deal" "S" bars just fine.


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