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Originally Posted by Dracothius View Post
I really like supermotos but, only want to own one bike. I want to go on/off road, have a passenger, gor for 300 miles without stopping(have to get a bigger tank on most bikes) and carry a decent bit of luggage. I don't know if i could get one then add a tank, soft luggage and have it carry me and my wife on occasion(cruise 80 by mself, speed limit with her). Everyone I talk to seems to think a single might not be able to handle this as I by myself weigh 265 with no gear at all. I also don't really want to have close service intervals. My current bike is like this and it bothers me. If yoou guys have an idea I would be more then greatful to hear it.
I missed this post and see that your have the challenge of requiring your bike to carry a larger than normal amount of weight. I personally would not suggest any 600 cc bike for this task, supermoto or not. You need a larger framed, heavier suspended and larger power source to meet your needs.

The SM630 has no problem with two up riding with 320 lbs total weight as a reference. However, for this particular bike, 500-550 lbs may be more than the bike could safely carry or for that matter any supermoto.

What type of bike do you own now?
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