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Location: Citrus Heights Ca.
Oddometer: 1,671

Citrus Heights.
Try to get a couple rides to the mountains each month in spring/summer/fall.
Don't have a "big" bike, or a "new" bike. But I have 4 that are plated and 2 that aint. Sometimes ride with GCDSR's,
Try to hit the BSAONC motherlode ride each year.
Former events chaiman of the trailbike sportsman's association.
Ride whenever opposed to the truck.
No longer take too big of a risk, but still doing it...
My own group of riders is the
Seventh Day Adventurists action doing rides since the 80's.
trail rides, street rides, and dualsport.
Look forward to catching up to some of you characters on a ride some time.

If anyone else is running a B50's or XS650's in town speak up.

too many...
I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...
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