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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Every time they turn the steering wheel it's going to disturb the airflow. They really need to think that through.
Not sure if that will matter too much. Every time the steering wheel is turned the car (obviously) is also going to turn, disrupting the airflow much more than the steering wheel...methinks. If there is already airflow peeling off the broad side and upper edge of the cockpit/nose structure, the resulting flow over the exposed steering wheel (and drivers hand) is probably already very messy. The effect of putting a non aerodynamic shape in that messy flow is probably minimal, and is surely outweighed (in theory at least) by whatever the design is trying to maximize. looks to me like the top of the chassis is raised or sort of bulged a bit it in front of the steering wheel.. Perhaps trying to pre the airflow out marionette cockpit a little more? Dunno.
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