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Originally Posted by oldbutspry View Post
Wow! I am so glad I found this thread! I am planning on doing almost the same thing in June. We are planning on trailering the bikes across the country to my wife's cousin's place in Riverside. I don't want to drive as far east as El Paso, but otherwise the route is about what I was thinking of.

I'm concerned about range too. My bike holds 5 gallons but I usually only get a little over 100 miles before the fuel light comes on. I guess I could get to 130 or so before running out. Will I have to carry gas in cans? How much range do you need to safely drive a route like this?
If there is any doubt, it is best to ask where the next gas is available when you get gas. Here is one example to think about: If you go from Tonapah to Caliente it is 190 miles and you may (emphasis on may) find gas at Rachel. If the folks at Rachel have been abducted by aliens (inside joke) you could be in trouble.

There is one stretch on I 70 in Utah from Green River west where it is more than 100 miles to the next gas station. The longest stretch that I know of on an Interstate.

Generally though, you should be OK with a 100 mile range provided you are careful.

For example, US 50 through Utah and Nevada has gas about 70 or 80 miles apart these days.

I normally ride my R100 GSPD with a 9.25 gallon tank so it is no problem to help folks who have run out of gas. Frequently I find that they passed up a gas station a ways back - probably because they thought that the price was too high. In my opinion there is no such thing as gas being too expensive in remote areas of the west - especially when it is 70 miles to the next station.
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