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Originally Posted by RussianBear View Post
i would not blame the bike... Carolina fabrication just does not cut it
RussianBear, I kind of stuck up for you at the beginning, but there seems to be more going on than you just having different perspectives on Bill's situation. I know the rest of your last post was "friendly," but mostly in a condescending, know-it-all way.

At first I thought maybe you'd keep jumping in with your criticisms and condescending advice just because you might be defensive after people jumped on your first post. But you're still at it after all this time, writing the same crap, trying to sound as if it's innocent observations but knowing that it will provoke people in the same way.

It's a non sequitur to lecture Bill that he shouldn't be "blaming the bike" in response to his comment:
Originally Posted by BC61 View Post
Unfortunately an expensive R&D lesson.
That comment doesn't "blame the bike," it's an acknowledgement of the choices he made when building the bike. It looks like you're trying hard to provoke just to be provocative and get attention while trying to sound innocent.

Whatever you're getting out of doing what you do, you are doing it at the expense of Bill and others. You can be accepted here even if you see things differently than others, but don't be a drama queen about it.

Well, based on what you keep doing I guess what you want isn't really "acceptance," but whatever it is you want, there are better ways to get it, less narcissistic ways.

Everyone else in this forum has their flaws too, but you need to find a way to not poke everyone in the eye to get attention.

If you can't change, go start a thread in Jo Mama and say whatever you want instead of trying to make Bill's thread about you. If you've got an axe to grind with Bill then just be a man and pm him directly and be out with it. The games you're playing here aren't doing yourself or anyone else any good.
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