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DIY crankshaft repair

Super new to 2 strokes.
I'm working on an RD400 with 11,xxx miles and a squeaky crank.
Split the cases yesterday and could use some input on direction.

First: is it common practice to replace everything?
I mean, should I plan on replacing rods and pins as well as bearings and seals? What about the labyrinth seal?

Second: I'm really interested in figuring out how to do this.
I'll need a press I know,
has anyone had experience with the 6-ton or 12-ton press from HF?

But if a press was all I needed, I'd probably would have bought one already.
V-blocks are damn expensive though.
Cheapest I've seen is about $150. Any recommendations here?

Third: Since my cases are split horizontally,
why can't I measure runout by placing the crank in the bottom case
and true it like that?
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