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Ryan, WOW ... I loved the video's ..can't wait for the TV series!!!

Great work.. 1st class production!

Originally Posted by grndzr0 View Post
Thanks a bunch!!!! Really appreciate it!!

Also, if you cant tell, we are still in the baby stages of this venture, at this point we all have invested alot of our own personal time and resources.

If anyone is wondering what they can do to help.....


That is all we are asking

The more viewers we have, the better chances we have if actually making this something legit.

If you can spread the word through Facebook, the twitter, and other forums that may be relevant, that would be awesome, and we will be forever debted to you!!!

And if anybody has any ideas of how to make it a more entertaining show, let us know. We are more that happy to recieve constructive criticism. (PS we hate stupid reality TV drama, so we wont put any of that in, except it obviously works for ratings so... whatev i guess....)

Thanks again, and hope you guys are enjoying it!!

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