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To add to what Rick posted:

Allan and Rick came down today for a tech day and I think we got a lot accomplished. I began the day by showing the boys the pistons and head gasket from last years race...nice and toasty!

During the last week, Ray our welder came by and welded in our new lower steering stem collar that he had machined.
The purpose of this collar was so that we could use a standard XR lower bearing with the SL steering head. See, the SL lower steering head is a weird 1/2 metric size, that is specifically a Honda size. I have yet to find a similar bearing with the same OD with 26mm ID. But it is a common Honda bearing and was used on tons of Hondas including the venerable CB750. So tapered bearing kits for the SL are available. But here is the hitch, the SL steering stem is tapered, where the top bearing ID is 26mm and the bottom is 30mm (I think). The XR600 stem bearing ID is 26mm top and bottom (and has the same OD as well). So, the SL top bearing from last year works fine with the XR stem, but the SL bottom will not work. So, we had a collar machined to insert in the lower stem to make the OD to match the XR bearing. Other than that, it is really a simple bolt up solution as the XR stem is long enough to fit in the SL frame.

Clear as mud?? Oh yeah, we were going to also make a collar for the top so we could just use the XR600 bearing there, but the OD difference is so small that Ray was worried about the strength of the collar due to it being so thin.

Ray had also cut off the steering lock tab so Allan touched that up with some black paint. Then after some early issues, we worked together...slowly...and carefully...since our lives would be depending on doing the steering stem mount-up correctly...and we got it together and if fit like a charm!!

Rick is very proud of his bearing packing skills....

Lonnie had painted up some parts for us, to make them look good for "THE ONE SHOW" in which the SL will be on exhibit along with other cool bikes.

If you live in the Portland area, you don't want to miss this show...and it's free to get in!! If you come, please come by and find an OSR crew/rider an say hi!

We haven't been added to the builders tab yet..but their working on it. This is a great show, lots of cool bikes to look at, and lots of interesting people to meet and discuss bikes. I am honored that we were invited to show off the bike..and we will also be showing off Lonnie's CZ dirt bike that is currently hanging from his rafters.

Anyway, Lonnie painted up the side cover, triples and fork lowers and they came out great as always. Lonnie is a stickler for prepping stuff before he paints and it shows in the finished product. I could never get anything looking that good from a rattle can.

Rick put on the right side cover, then we decided to polish up the oil pump cover, because the side cover looked so good. Then we decided that the counter-sprocket cover needed to be painted to match, then we decided that the stator cover, which has a gold patina from last years overheating incident, needed to go and so the boys polished up a silver one to better match the other stuff...but then off course the case cover under the stator cover needed to painted or it just wouldn't look right

Needless to say, we painted and polished much more than we had planned but since Luke wasn't there to get the electrical squared away to get the bike started, we had to keep occupied

We mounted up the triples and Allan took off the trials rear and put on a knobby. He also pulled off a front knobby of a stock SL wheel so we could mount it up on the XR front.

Lonnie had been working on getting the front XR rim de-rusted and looking decent, but he pointed out that it may be in worse shape than we thought.

There is aluminum flaking off where the rim strip goes, so we are need of another front wheel. We have some spare hoops that could be relaced with the hub and some new spokes, but that is going to cost some if anyone out there has a front wheel for a 1985-92 (i think) XR600 that they would love to donate to the cause, please let us know. Incidently, XR250R front wheels from the same vintage should work too.....

Here I am explaining how an internal combustion motor works to Rick...what a simpleton!! be fair, I have no idea how an internal combustion motor works...I can barely operate the damn things....while Rick has rebuilt more of them than I have probably ever started! I was probably saying something more akin to this:
"I'm an idiot, that's why you are working on this, got it?"

Rick also got the carbs mounted up and Allan cleaned up the air filters and cleaner.

Lonnie loves to hang stuff in his garage so we always have some cool stuff to look at. This week, it was the front end from last year's SL racer, but in Trials garb when we ran it in the AHRMA National Trials meet at Chehalis.

I also broke out the HD video camera and started blocking out some shots. One of the good things about me not iron-manning the M1K this year is that I will have more time and focus to be able to document our adventure. I hope to capture some great stuff along the way!!

We got tons of shit accomplished today!! Much more than I anticipated. And thanks to Allan for taking some photos of it all.

After the boys left I had some time to just futz around with the bike. This is some of my favorite things to do. I get to work out some ideas or thoughts about the bike, without the pressure of "getting things done" when the boys are here to do work. So, I threw on the forks and handlebars, tank and seat on and played around with some of my auxiliary fuel options for this years M1K.

With the Acerbis in the tank bag...last year we had MSR cans in there. Note the Day 2 map in the map holder...and that is real baja silt on the tank bag and roto-pax as they have not been used or cleaned since last year

Thanks for checking in!

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