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Originally Posted by Blur View Post
Actually, had the skidplate not been built so well, it may not have done the damage it did.

I doubt the clamps holding the skidplate were built in the Carolinas.... Russia maybe.... but not the Carolinas.

Edit: To all - my apologies for dredging this up. I've been out of town this weekend and just now catching up.

Thats funny! Its almost even productive!

Bill, you should come out West this spring with version 2.0 and we'll beat the crap out of it in the desert for a few days

I think its great that you are building your own bike. Coming from a manufacturer id expect nothing less than perfection. Building it yourself truly puts you in a higher league regardless of the races outcome.

Seriously, Moab this spring. Rocks, sand, and fast dirt roads. It will seem like a day trip compared to South America!
Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.

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