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its a 76.
and squeaky, well, one of the bearings is squeaky.
I thought by chance, they might tend to do that and still possibly be alright;
you know, since they are bone dry and all.

Anyhow, got to say I'm a bit disappointed that know one stood up and say do it.
It doesn't seem utterly complicated,
At some point I'd like to be able to do this well,
and would like to hear from anybody that's ever tried it.

But then again, maybe not this time around.
Damn broke over here.

I've seen Lynn Garland's name about and was planning on contacting him.
I'd really like to ride this thing ASAP and not have to think about the crank,
while I'm still trying to get everything settled.
But I do plan on DESTROYING this motorcycle over and over,
and I'd like to not have to keep sending out cranks.

p.s. RB does not ship cranks over 250cc.
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