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Can you guys give me an idea of the fuel consumption of a well tuned SR41 (750) DR?

I put the carbs from the SR42 on my bike (the ones with the removable pilot jets). The bike runs great after replacing all the O-rings and slide guides but is using more fuel. I used to go 400 to 420 k before using "reserve"....Now it's down to 370 k.

Milage is 38 miles/gallon .... or .... about 16 kilometers per liter.

With the old standard SR41 carbs I was averaging 42 to 45 miles per gallon ... or ... 18 to 19 k/l.

In comparing the carb specs in the service manual, I noted the SR42 carbs have a richer needle jet (O-5 rather than O-4) but use the same needles.

To compensate I moved the needle clip up one notch (to lower the needle) today. Only rode around the neighborhood since I was running out of time. The bike ran fine without any hint of lean conditions. I'll give it a better ride tomorrow. Unmodded airbox, clean standard filter, standard exhaust.

I'd just like to know what figures are "normal" or common for the Big
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my smurfie takes between 6.5l/100km up to 10l/km, acc. 15.4 km/l respectively 10 km/l.

Final ratio 15/50, actually Metzeler Unicross tires, nearly offroad use only.

Oranje one is at approx. 8 l/100km (12.5km/l).

Final ratio 14/48, onroad use only.

Green SR43 is at 6.5l/100km, onroad cruisin' ;)

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For those of us less educated this makes all those numbers easier

Seems most reasonable sized road/adv bikes get between 18- 19km per litre (in my experience on the road somewhere near the speed limit) sometimes I dip into the 17s and occasionally see 20, whether that be a 750/800single or KTM, Aprilia or Harley twins, Thats about 50- 55mpg if your of British descendants

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