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The castle was build in the first years of the Venetian rule around 1200-1300 on top of other ruins from an ancient acropolis on this natural fortified mountain. The name Liopetro itself is of course similar to the name the Venetians used (Lione di Pietra, meaning Lion of the Stone). Unfortunately today its walls and towers lie mostly in ruins but you can still observe many houses and a huge number of cisterns used to collect rain water. The Castle itself never saw any action and was left to rot, but...

...but around the 16th century Turkish pirates sacked the nearby town of Sitia and Venetians reconsidered giving Liopetro life. It had enough space for 6000 citizens and considered invulnerable. Anyway, the plan was thrown to the garbage when the Venetian lord heard about the expenses needed to repair the time beaten castle

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