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Originally Posted by scrambler73 View Post
2 strokes will always make the most horsepower with ONE individual expansion chamber per cylinder.
As soon as you add 1 or 2 more cylinders to the mix, the soundwaves (for lack of a better explaination) begin to collide in a way that disrupts the whole purpose of an expansion chamber.... Cramming unburnt mixture back into the cylinder before the port closes.

There is a guy working on a 3 into 1 for a Kawasaki Triple that will have interchangeable "chambers".. all made to work at different RPM's. It will be pretty cool to see how it all turns out.
Ive had a few different old-school brands of 3 into 1's on H1's and H2's and they all work the same... Good low end and midrange grunt......but at 6 grand or so, absolutely shut off like you are hitting the kill switch. 6 grand on a triple is where the fun is supposed to start, not stop.

Ive also ridden a buffalo with one of Omar's 3 into 1's and it ran well. Buffalo's were never high revving, so you didn't really miss that last 1000 revs.
Hi guy's I'm Glyn the guy that built the 2-1.

This is still in the very early stages of development, but has shown some goos results.

With the post quoted your are right to a point about the pulses getting confused. But the way the crank is phased plays a huge role in the end result.
As this is going onto a parallel twin that is phased at 180* this is in my favour. The first one was dyno'd last week in Germany, a different design to the one shown here but the same principle.
It did quite well for it's first run only 4hp down on the 2-2 set up he was running and it peaked at 9400k against his 9700k with the 2-2.
I will agree that a 3-1 is asking for trouble and will never be able to give you any top end power to speak of, but the 2-1 with a 180* can be made to work really quite well.
How fare I'll take this I don't know as I am time limited at the mo, but I know that it will be as good as any after market off the shelf pipe currently out there.

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