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I'll step up, I've done a dozen or so singles, a couple of Yamaha twins and a Kawasaki triple.
The basic process is the same except on multis you repeat.

The tools are quite basic;
hydraulic press(don't think a 6 ton has enough moxy)
couple steel plates and some round stock(for support and pressing)
feeler gauges, dial indicator with stand calipers/micrometer
brass/heavy soft hammer
v blocks
steel wedge like the ones used by lumberjacks
set square, an old large wrist pin to roll around the crank webs

Measure everything first, especially rod side clearance and it nice to know what it's supposed to be.
With your set square scribe lines across the crank webs this will assist reassembly

The brass hammer is used to make fine adjustments, kind of like the way you straighten nails.

Go for it it's not rocket science, be careful and think about it, constantly verify the rod side clearance.

inexpensive v blocks

Suzuki Crank splitting

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