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Originally Posted by tmotten View Post
I haven't read this thread fully yet, will a bit later today, but it seems the wrong abbreviation is used for the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Its NOT Li-Ion, but LiFePO4. Important difference.
naming conventions change over time.... for us early li-ion users. lithium iron phosphate is but one chemistry within the li-ion family. each with advantages, disadvantages and operating volt ranges.

then to confuse things further, we add how cells are constructed into the mix. then to confuse things more, some batteries have protection circuits to prevent over-charge and over-discharge.

there's some common characteristics all li-ion cells share. which are high energy density (light weight), high discharge rates and specific operating voltage range (related to each particular chemistry)

one characteristic with early li-ion cells, performance can drop in extreme cold conditions.
remains to be seen how the new generation lithium iron phosphate with prismatic construction performs in extreme cold.
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