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I have written some more stuff and uploaded some pictures at Gravel

Report 004 and 005 are new today. Under is some of the text and a few of the pictures.

Report 004

[Snip]....The Coolola beach is about 70kms long and we camped about halfway. Tonje felt it only natural to test the strenght of her R80GS. It can take about the expected amount of abuse after getting off at about 70km/h....[Snip]

[Snip]....the Fresh Water road, 20 km’s to Rainbow Beach and or brunch. This road as it turned out isn’t suited for a fully loaded bike with a big rider…..350kg’s on 20 cm2 in soft sand and uphill is really exhausting. After three km’s the the track get’s hard enough that you don’t have to be on your toes and you can actually enjoy the ride….don’t get me wrong, there’s still several more km’s before you can sit down, and when you can you’re on hard packed dirt, surrounded by green rainforest with vines hanging down from the trees – nothing less than spectacular !....[Snip]

[Snip]....A 100 meters after the sealed surface ended a state of wild chaos broke out as two fully oaded bikes tried their best to navigate the ditch at 80km/h. It had been raining so I guess we should’ve expected the roads to be soft and slippery – covered by 5-10cm of red sludge from hell......[Snip]

Report 005

[Snip]....Equipped with Marius’ business card and orders to find Hooterz Scooterz and ask for Steve and we’d be taken good care of, we found the barge terminal.....[Snip]

[Snip].....We pitched our tents and got a shower and a couple of beers in the bar at Bungalow Bay and had a few laughs with five Irish girls .....[Snip]

[Snip]....the manager and quiz leader soon announced that the Nowegians riding around Oz on motorbikes would act as head judges and award the last six points. It just so happened that the team we awarded the six points was running five points behind. The prize was free beer and we were invited over to the winning table to share of the prize....[Snip]

The complete stories and all pictures are at Gravel
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