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Cool Glyn...and I do agree that with 180 phasing, if the 2 into 1 is designed well enough (and it sounds like you are definately on the right track!), you will not have nearly the "problems" with soundwave turbulence that one would have with a 3 cylinder.

How was low end grunt compared to the 2 into 2? Thats actually quite impressive that it was only 4hp and 300 revs down on peak.

Originally Posted by gplracing View Post
Hi guy's I'm Glyn the guy that built the 2-1.

This is still in the very early stages of development, but has shown some goos results.

With the post quoted your are right to a point about the pulses getting confused. But the way the crank is phased plays a huge role in the end result.
As this is going onto a parallel twin that is phased at 180* this is in my favour. The first one was dyno'd last week in Germany, a different design to the one shown here but the same principle.
It did quite well for it's first run only 4hp down on the 2-2 set up he was running and it peaked at 9400k against his 9700k with the 2-2.
I will agree that a 3-1 is asking for trouble and will never be able to give you any top end power to speak of, but the 2-1 with a 180* can be made to work really quite well.
How fare I'll take this I don't know as I am time limited at the mo, but I know that it will be as good as any after market off the shelf pipe currently out there.

Electric start?
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