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The Woes of an Ancient Two Stroke

After lurking on this forum for quite a while, I think the time has finally come for me to post something, seeing as my two stroke project seems to be coming to completion right around the time ADV has created a two stroke forum.

I have a 74 Honda MT125 that I am attempting to fire up after more than two years working on it. The cylinder has been honed and re-ringed as the bore and piston both measured within spec. Compression seems good enough as far as I can tell from putting my thumb over the spark plug hole. The bike has spark and I've gotten it to start on carb cleaner and run for 10-20 seconds a few times. However, once it shuts down, I can never get it to restart. The plug will be wet with gas and the plug still has spark, it just wont fire The idle is fine while it runs, steady and at a decent rpm, and if I blip the throttle it responds just fine. The bike origionally was oil injected but I am currently running premix at a 32:1 ratio and the oil is a high quality synthetic. I am running the bike withut a battery, which the internets told me at some point was fine on this simple old machine. I'm rather stumped at this point, however, and would like some advice on trouble shooting the old beast.
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