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Cool Glyn...and I do agree that with 180 phasing, if the 2 into 1 is designed well enough (and it sounds like you are definately on the right track!), you will not have nearly the "problems" with soundwave turbulence that one would have with a 3 cylinder.

How was low end grunt compared to the 2 into 2? Thats actually quite impressive that it was only 4hp and 300 revs down on peak.
The pipe that was tested flollowed the 2-2 set up with in 2hp, + at times and - in places. The test wasn't done very well to be honest. It was just bolted on with out any fueling or ignition changes and run.

The pipe in the pic is a different design and designed in the sim differently than the pipe tested. IMO the other pipe was designed with an unrealistic wall temp. Time will tell lol.

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