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Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
Not having attachments also eliminates photo attachments. They hog much more space than the occasional .gpx file. I would think that it would be much more difficult to turn on attachments for .gpx files and not for others. If it could be done, it would also generate much confusion.

Look how many people cannot figure out how to post a photo with attachments shut off.
Maybe I don't understand. There is only one site. One storage location. If you can attach photos on forum one and not forum two and everyone moves over to forum one to attach their photos I do not see where that has saved Baldy any space on his site.

Said another way, for my benefit (I'm slow).....if we move over to the "laying down tracks" to post our .gpx files (where I suppose we could also post pictures) then how has Baldy's space problem benefited?

I'm all for helping this site stay viable and helping Baldy as much as we can (thus SmugMug for me) but it would appear that a pledge drive to help Baldy purchase more equipment might be in order.
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