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Folks interested in the logistics of coverage, DO NOT miss this interview with Ben Constanduros, voice and producer on the Official ASO dakar video feed...


(Editor's note: THANK YOU, Ben, for taking the time to speak with us. As an "amateur" journo, having the opportunity to speak with the professionals like yourself, Toby Moody, and others is as much a treat as speaking with the competitors. Cheers!)

(Photo credit:

We get an insider's look "behind the curtain" where the ASO produces the video feed for the Dakar Rally with Ben Constanduros. If you've ever marveled at the stunning images from the rally, you'll be amazed by the logistics required to get them worldwide in a matter of hours from a race day that spans hundreds of kilometers. If you've ever been frustrated by what's been show (or hasn't been shown), insight, too, on that. Thanks, Ben! Hardcore Rallye Tragics, don't miss this one. Many of your coverage and media related questions, answered.

You can follow Ben on twitter @BenConsty, or check out his site and blog at

Direct download:

Blog excerpt:
"So to the programme and it was quite a change over the 2011 edition. You may or may not remember I was quite vocal about the way we worked, and I am pleased to say that the 2012 edition was a totally different, enjoyable experience. We knocked out some amazing shows with the editors working wonders and Alex and Seb doing the lions share of the hard work for the creative input of the show. I am really proud and excited how we can move the new format forward. For those who I guided with my voice for the last few weeks I hope you enjoyed it.
Being the Voice is big responsibility for a show like the Dakar. We put a huge amount of effort into the drama of it, the editor’s craft around my voice and Seb and I try to choose appropriate words to set the scene. Everytime you talk you should be going with the mood, not interrupting it, in fact words are rarely needed on some of the more epic features. In the resume’s you need to be clear and concise to tell the story and inform the viewer. We prepare a second by second, word by word script so its simple job to replicate how the bosses want it to be done….’Previously in the Bikes……Adventure Continues…..etc’ were not my choice of words but wanted by the director.
I was quite vocal on twitter about the UK voice of the Dakar….I am passionate about my job and motorsport and when you throw your heart and soul into something its hard to take that another person is ‘ruining’ it. Having communicated with Carlton over the final few days to help him with the script and give him a clearer idea of how we were working, I would say he was doing the job pretty well by the end….except for the obvious ‘Well, Yes’s’! after 3 hours sleep, my rant on twitter was totally uncalled for and pretty inappropriate, not to mention unprofessional toward Eurosport, Carlton and the UK team.

Nate in N.E.

Yes, I have a Dakar problem -- that there are 50 weeks of the year without Dakar!

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