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Originally Posted by scrambler73 View Post
well.....until you stick a crank and later realize that the bike you decided to premix has an oil injection system designed to directly feed oil to the main bearings by means of slingers/diverters.
And running premix (especially on non-slotted-rod cranks) without removing the slingers may actually BLOCK oil from reaching the big end and main crank bearings.

One of the most reliable things about the majority of 2 strokes is the freaking oil injection system. I know Kawasaki and Yamaha to have ridiculously reliable O.I. systems.

For race purposes...sure, then Premix.. but for street use. Run the pump.
You are taking what i am saying out of context and you know it. But i have modified Suzuki GT750 crankcases to run premix, got 95hp @ sea level.
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