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So I'm changing the oil on the 750 this afternoon.

Open the oil filter case, remove filter and out falls this.

It's silver and magnetic so steel something. It's thin and quite hard...cant bend it with fingers or tweezers...haven't tried pliers.

Photos taken with a 6mm alllen screw for reference.

Should I stop riding? My inclination is to keep going. I wish I could identify the bit but can not. A Bit of hard facing from a gear in the gearbox? A bit of bearing ball retainer (God I hope not).

No other debris found in the oil that was drained. Nothing in the oil drain pan. Nothing in the screen under the cover on the bottom of the engine.

Any and all advice gratefully accepted and considered.

Sorry to be to needy lately. The States is a lonely place for a Big.
I dont want to give advice on this but can only say I bought a original YZ400F a while ago and like a good boy gave it a oil change after first ride and lo and behold metal fillings in the oil (aluminium I think) was real annoyed but anyway decided to give it another run and change the oil again, same thing, in the end I gave up as decided it wasn't worth stripping so have run it now for about another 20 hrs and it still goes real well and makes no weird noises (other than the paranoid ones I think I hear) Not advising you but it might be part of a tab washer or something and you may struggle to find its source even when stripped ?

Regards jets My YZ290 had to be jetted down coming from a 250 as more suck more fuel and vis versa, and your altitude is another determining factor, more air at sea level needs more fuel and vis versa (sorry I know you all knew that but just in-case) I would imagine Suzuki would jet bike for worst case scenario so it would not overheat so in theory a smaller main jet should be ok though ?
Some Carb and jetting links

Fuel economy, things like time of year (air temp and moisture content) plus grades of fuel can make a big difference so when comparing it has to be apples for apples

We await Bluesmans appraisal

Memory lane again (those were the days)

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