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Originally Posted by peter650 View Post
You are taking what i am saying out of context and you know it. But i have modified Suzuki GT750 crankcases to run premix, got 95hp @ sea level.

nah.. Im not taking anything out of context. You are saying that oil injection systems are crap, and I, along with the majority on here are saying that there is nothing "unreliable" about oil injection systems on 2 stroke motorcycles.

The way your sentence above is written ("I have modified GT750 crankcases to run premix and got 95hp"), makes it sound like by solely switching to premix, the HP of the engine doubled.....

a Polaris 800 twin puts out 150 hp and has one of those "unreliable" oil injection units. So if a guy pulls the oil injection, and starts mixing gas and oil, will the engine then be in the 270-300 HP range?

For the last 10 years, my main "riders" have been OLD two stroke street bikes. You name it, RD's, RZ's, Suzuki GT's, Kaw Triples, Honda NSR250's, NS400R, etc.....
ALL are using the injection system (some 40+ years old), and I wouldn't hesitate to jump on any one of them and ride across country. The last mechanical thing I would worry about is the injector pump....
Electric start?
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