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I need some "on road" reports of this bike before I write the check. The 690 is an option but with more after market support rapidly appearing along with the weight savings this bike has really caught my eye. Light seems right for a 50/50 type bike.

Here is my wish list

5 gal Acerbis tank,Fastway 5 stabilzer, Al bash plate, radiator catch bottle, Ackra pipe, Promoto/Cyrcra/or Acerbis hand guards, Kush sprocket 42T (road speeds), better seat, X2 headlight, grip warmers, folding mirror, radiator guards if needed,rear brake protection fin, chain guide, bar risers,Acerbis LED rear subfinder,GL Coyote saddle bag Coyote dry bag along with a Fandaango tank bag. An oil cooler when available along with a Rekluse clutch should finish it.

Anything I forget?

Any opinions?

Now if someone could please give me Power Ball numbers I'm set ......................... ain't gonna happen is it.
1. do the AKRA titanium set front to back.

2. Highway dirtbikes top clamp, handguards, Turn signals, fold away mirrors and switch setup's. You wont be happier.

3. I would rethink the 42 Tooth rear that is mighty low. and for me the cush rear end too . Depending on your riding terrain I guess. You will loose a lot of low end going that low in the back. I did a 14-48 and it was ok but I am going back to stock on the back.

4. I like the KTM rear disk fin better than the Scotts it is much more beefy. FYI there are two KTM hard parst models the more expensive oen is the one I am talking about.

5. Baja Designs Squadron head light once they get the Dimmer switch in production. ( Yes Paul if you are reading this you are right)!!!

6. the bar risers wont be needed with the fastway underbar as they rise to install the steeering stab.

7. the KTM rear tail light on mine I beleive is already LED not sure if that is what you mean by the Acerbis rear above.
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