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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post

3. Some of the requirements for the OPEN 1 category, may well be affected by what the outcome is of the FFSA/FIA tech jury hearing about RG's Hummer/air intake/tyre inflation drama. In either case I would expect that the "parameters" for the OPEN 1 category will recieve some attention in any case... for att present it is rather apparent on pure race speed in off piste terrain; that the Gordon team cars are at a considered advantage speedwise... so I would expect some "massaging" of the rules as they stand to create "parity" on that front.

which in other words means;
And this is where Robbie is gonna regret his kma quote, I think.

"Non, Monsieur Robbie, kiss MY ass!"

I don't knock Robbie for saying it, lord knows it needed saying, but I think it's gonna bite him on the ass. Now that he's proven that his 2wd's can kick the crap out of the factory guys, they're gonna 'make it safer for all' by restricting the hell out of his stuff. Halve the suspension for starters methinks, along with an engine displacement limit too (forcing him to come up with a new motor).


ASO "OPEN" category:

Subject to the FFSA/FIA tech inquiry on the Hummer AND the eventual bargaining table disscussions for 2013 with the ASO... I would expect to see the OPEN 1 (Modified SCORE/US vehicles) to be similar... but perhaps with some changes to minimum weight/wheel travel/horesepower equation... for as it stands, the Hummers will run away and hide from the production based engines and limited (250mm) wheel travel that the FIA T1 factory cars are required to run with.

The question remains to see if there are many US based off road teams that would consider doing DAKAR with various SCORE legal vehicles (remember that Class 1 and Trophy Trucks are specifically excluded from the DAKAR reg's). Some rumours that there are some of the SCORE teams interested in this. Just as a passing comment, I would say that many of the top SCORE teams Baja "pre-runners" would make competitive Dakar cars, with minimal modifications/adaptations.
I think the problem here is that the SCORE teams that have the money, the personnel, and the equipment, are all invested in the TT and class 1's. Why would they want to take their money and drop it into some one-off rig for some race that doesn't get more than 10 minutes exposure for their sponsors? And that's 10 minutes if they're lucky. Can't pay the bills that way.

A sad lesson I learned years ago: Everything is politics. In this, I think Robbie is getting better, but it is still his Iquique dune to climb.
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