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Originally Posted by peter650 View Post
you have to decarbon your motor, clean out your pipes/mufflers, if you have a bridge in your exhaust port drill holes in your new piston,heat up your head gasket till it's cherry red then put it in water so you can reuse it,.
Carbon build up in an engine will be a result of two things, 1, using mineral oils (like in the good old days lol) 2, to much oil at part throttle (pre-mix) and or incorrectly jetted.

If your heating your head gasket to a cherry red then quenching in water you are hardening it again, your looking to "anneal" it to take the work hardening out that is coursed by the many heat cycles it has been put through.

I would recommend you relieve the bridge at the boring stage.

On a side note if your are looking to quench a none ferious material then water is a bit harsh, oil would be a much better medium.

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