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Originally Posted by Slimie View Post
My question is... does the collective think that I'd achieve the same results with the standard exhaust sans insert?

If you pull the dB killer (insert) out you will have essentially a straight pipe, assuming the cat has already been removed. It will definitely breathe easier, but it will be loud as heck. The Arrow will probably be the same, but with a little weight loss; the stock Husky pipe (also made by Arrow I believe) has a stainless steel inner shell in addition to the aluminum shell; most folks believe the purpose is add some heat protection since there is a hot catalytic converter nearby (until you remove it anyway), but it does add some weight.

I had the same issue with the dB killer on my 2010 muffler (choking), but couldn't stand the noise with the insert removed. I ended up buying a FMF Q4 and am much happier with the tone, which isn't as sharp on the ears, and don't feel any performance loss. Very glad I went that way. The stock and Arrow race mufflers are too loud for trail work IMO.

(edit) - If anyone wants my dB killer or and/or stock muffler (2010 Arrow), PM me

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