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I don't have pics of the 750, that was about 17 years ago.
I do relieve the bridge but i still think it's a good idea to drill 2 holes in your piston {takes 5 minutes to do}
You have to pull your top end down anyway, to check your rings, so you might as well clean it while you got it apart.
I use to use minereal oil at 20 to1 about 30 years ago, that would carbon up a motor fast. Synthetic oil at 32to1 up to about 40 to 1 {i jet and run all my bikes at 32 to 1, but 40 to 1 could be crisper could never bring myself to go past 40 to 1} will get you to your next ring check, without pulling the top end down to clean it.
The simple truth of the matter is, a motor will run better on pre-mix thats why race bikes use pre-mix. Oil-injection lets lazy people ride 2 strokes {until they seize due to lack of maintenance, or faulty pump}. Which brings us back to the fact, that some people {lazy people} just shouldn't ride 2 strokes.
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