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Originally Posted by Solaros1 View Post
It's the original Outlaw Porsche...

There were articles in both Panorama and Excellence last summer after its appearance at the Amelia Island Concours. I think Classic Motorsports is going to do an article on it as well.

The Corsa was fun - by the time I got through tweaking the turbocharged engine it was putting out something north of 250 HP - enough to light up the E60 x 14 tires going into third gear and strong enough to push the car to 132 mph (timed between mile markers on I-75). It was the victim of a teenager who blew through a stop sign and T-boned it in the drivers door - no injuries but a bent Corvair.

I actually owned my Wildfire twice - sold it and bought it back about ten years later. It was the OSSA equivalent of the Metralla but not quite as pretty. I always wanted to replace the standard 230cc 4-speed (around 26 HP) with a 250cc 5-speed OSSA Phantom engine (42 HP with an extra gear). Since I had already collected a warning ticket in Chambers County Alabama for doing 112 mph in a 55 zone on the Wildfire with the stock engine I sort of thought having that much more engine would not be conducive to being able to stay out of jail (although I bet I could have gotten it over 125 with the right gearing).

My wife does not want me to take any more projects on right now although I'm trying to resist a vintage Husky WR250 that's for sale near me right now for $1300 - having watched "On Any Sunday" again last week isn't helping any.....

But these are so pretty.... one of the best looking fuel tanks ever designed
That is a very sexy bike, I like my 79 Daytona but that is really nice, can I date it
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