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Day 4 Jan 21

Woke up to some pretty heavy rain. But, it was in mid-40s. Low 20s? I wonder if the locals are playing with that wacky tabacky? Checked the forcast to see if it would be worth waiting and leaving later. 100% chance all day until 4 pm. Load up and leave. Stopped at Campo Diner for breakfast. Decided on French Toast and waitress smiles and says oh, your going to like that and I did.

Sloshed my way down to Tecate border crossing. Waved through none of this do you have something to declare BS. Headed straight out of town for Ensenada. Started to get a lot of fog in the moutains which made seeing much scenery problematic still drizzleing. Got to Ensenada and found the well marked Migracion office and got my Tourista paper work done. I already had the TVIP for my bike so it went pretty fast.

A quick comment about the TVIP do the online routine. Last year it took about an hour to get it at the border. Online was a snap document arrived in about 3 days by courier, email the base documents back to them and get a nice email back thanking me for the documents. All from the comfort of your home. Its really important though to double check your VIN not only for the TVIP but check the actual VIN on the bike to your registration. If you get checked, they will compare the VIN on the TVIP to the VIN on your bike. It is possible for VINs to be entered incorrectily when a bike is bought.

I was tired of the rain and could have stopped in Ensenada but really didnt want to hang around this town for a night. Decided to head to San Felipe on the chance the bad weather would stay to the west of the mountains.

Great roads leaving Ensenada but crappy rain continued for the first 50 km or so then finally, came over a hill and saw broken clouds and sunshine in a pretty little valley and . . . dry roads. What a delightfull rest of the day. Amazing how a little nice weather can perk one right up. Picked up some pretty good cross winds but Ill take those over rain anytime. Cooled off as I gained altitude but then warmed up nicely as I approached the coast.

Army checkpoint at the junction of the road I was on with the Mexicali San Felipe road had them do a cursory check of my side bags. Usually I just get waved through once they figure out Im just an old guy on a trip.

Arrived in San Felipe just at sunset seem to do that a lot. The town is really stretched out with at least 20km of developments along the approach to town all sand and beach. Designed for Gringos. Many were set well back from the water and were higher end stuff with guards at the gates, etc. Still looked kind of desolate, just houses sitting out in the open on sand. Guess Im just too used to houses surrounded by trees.

Wandered around town for awhile and finally settled on El Capitn motel. . . bit pricy 480p but it looked like there were only 3 guests there.

Went for a walk looking for dinner. Town is nice but quite spread out. Seems nice but very quiet Im thinking the lack of tourists has to be devastating to towns like this. Finally found the restaurant / bar area and stopped at Chuy Place had a good Mexican meal. The best part was the garlic clams they brought out as an appy. Mmmm.

About midnight some Mexican dirt bikers / quads arrived and partied for a couple of hours in the motel parking lot. Grrrr, I woke me up and, I didnt invite me. Then the motel apparently gave one of them a key to my room and this guy comes busting in just as I was dozing off again.
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