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Originally Posted by hammerinn101 View Post
Every 15 hours is that true? Sat on one yesterday, needs seat, needs lighting, seems like a lot of money and maintenance. Nobody makes a bike that fits my needs or I have to put another $5000.00 into it to make close. what I want.

1. Big gas tank 6 gal
2. 3500 miles between oil changes
4. valve adjustment if any 10,000 or better
5. run on third world gas
6. electric start and kicker
7. seat for all day riding
8. points to put on racks
9. plug in for extras ,Hate the word farckle
10. color options
11. can do 100mph
12 can go off road

any suggestions ?
In my best obi-wan voice "This is not the bike you are looking for, you can go about your business, move along"
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