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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Just saw that for 2013 Husaberg is basically re-branding the KTM 350?

don't know what this translates into for the 450 though... weird times
Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
I know the berg 2 strokes are just redressed KTM's.
Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
True, but until now Husaberg always differentiated (& innovated) when it came to the 4-strokes...
Hope this doesn't mean that they become KTMs with yellow & blue graphics

if they do ,at least they will be on the road to success ,just gotta get the colour changed to orange !!!

While there might be a smidgin of tongue in cheek irony to what rallye wrote... you gotta ask the question; "why did they buy the Husaberg trademark (and technical R&D) if they were just going to turn the Bergs into blue and yellow plastic covered oranges?"

When KTM first acquired Husaberg, the blue and yellow crew were under a lot of pressure from Mattighofen to get their act together (production effectiveness and production numbers) up to scratch. This I know because I was personally involved (in my day job) when the engineering company I then worked for (2001- 2004), was approached by Husaberg management (the plant was then still located at Rofors in Sweden) to offer and be involved in a project to look at improving the production line logistics and productivity.

In those days, the model range was still soley fourestrokes - the second generation 4t engine 450/550/650 enduro, MX and SM models. By investing in better more effective line/assembly equipment and improving the assemby workstations etc. it was hoped they would attain the productivity/economy that the bosses in Austria decreed the brand needed to meet, and to that end; keep production in Sweden.

But it was too little too late and ultimately the orange bean counters gave the order to close up shop, and Husaberg production was moved to Austria. While a Scandinavian sales and marketing office was established in Írebro, as well as the R & D dept. (for Husaberg)... the folks responsible for what (ultimately) we came to know as the FE 70 degree "sloper" motors.

Now the 450/570 FE and the later introduced 390 FE fourstroke engined Husabergs have - since their introduction in 2009 - met with critical acclaim... for their ingenuity, performance (two things Husaberg has always strived for) and of late - a reputation for build quality and reliability (not always things immediately associated with the early generation Bergs) that saw them gain a great deal of popularity, among the Husaberg faithfull AND riders of other makes (who crossed to the blue yellow camp).

It seemed that the Husaberg brains trust in Írebro had come upon a winner!?

The about a year or so ago... Husaberg got the two stroke TE models to compliment their 4 stroke sibblings... Hey, hang on a minute...? These are just EXC's with the orange plastic replaced, and a set of the *Berg spec' twin chamber USD fork up the front...? What gives (I thought at the time).

While I could have understood, had the Husaberg differed somewhat from the KTM offering from a technical (or capacity class) aspect... this was clearly just a plastics colour change. Okay... so Husa doesn't HAVE a two stroke range to offer (maybe they were going to put the new prototype slant twostrokes into production... and this was a way to "start" the blue two stroke revolution at 'Berg...? I reasoned?)

Then during 2011 came the whispers that the 70 degree engined FE's were getting the "knock on the head" from 2013 onwards... that even the 4 stroke Husabergs would be "blue/yellow" plastic EXC's in the future?


Are the Mattighofen bigwigs really going to maintain the two brand competition by offering the SAME bikes in two different colour schemes (I always thought that was the job of companies like ACERBIS, UFO, Polysport etc.)

Why I wonder...?
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