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Originally Posted by gearheart View Post
I guess some directions are in order. Let me see if I can get some posted up. Or better yet see if imgonnasnap can cutnpaste some. We are almost exactly 2 miles North of Bashfords, just Southwest of the canal road.

As far as ride options go;

The Bombrun started out with a bunch of ADV guys doing the Bradshaw Trail from the Salton Sea to Palo Verde via the original stagecoach route. Now some years we do it and sometimes we do other rides in the area. It is 80 miles to Palo Verde from our place. It is mostly a sandy dirt road with deep sand in places. Some shale rocks near the start too. Two years ago it poured rain and we had to cross a roaring flash flood about 50 feet across and 2-3 feet deep on the way East. On the way back it was completely gone.

For other rides, there are also some old structures, box canyons, old mines, oasis with springs bubbling up out of the desert, small dirt canyons, mountiantop repeaters and a pile of other stuff to see. Let me know what you want to see and we can figure out a route.

The Friday Freeway Loop is a challenge for dualsports. It has been done on a big bike but I wouldn't recommend it if you like a shiny bike... The real trick is convincing Jonz to lead it! Most guys spend as much time picking their bikes up as they do riding on the freeway loop. It's a pretty fun trail.

And yeah, Pops has volunteered to bring asada and fixens for Friday arrivals. Post up if you are gonna join us so we can have enough!

We have campspots for anybody who wants to join us as long as your rig can handle the canal road. We get everything from people riding out and tent camping to RV's and anything inbetween.

Gettin close!

IM about 95% in
arriving friday for the freeway loop
I will be tenting

what about food gas, is there anything close nearby?

is there gas/food in Palo Verde if we go there??

Iv'e never ridden in this area before, so i am open to whatever, but the tougher the better

I am in not associated with
I am the original happytrails
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