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The closest gas station to our place is in Niland. (about 20 mins South of us) The last gas if coming from the North is on 86s Expressway and 66th Ave. I think it's the worlds largest ARCO gas station! It is about 40 miles from us.

There is a gas station at the far end of the Bradshaw in Palo Verde named appropriately, Wheelies Gas, These are snacks at the gas station and some years there is food in some dive bar type places in PV. It ain't great but we haven't had anyone die from eating it yet.

I don't want to disappoint anybody but I haven't found many super technical trails in the area. The freeway loop will keep the attention of a decent dual sporter but Erzberg it ain't. I do have one ace up my sleeve and we can check it out if there is interest.

Not sure what qualifies as "kitted" but you are certainly welcome to join us whatever your skill level is. There are plenty of sandy washes and rocky dirt roads to practice skills. Make sure your bike is wearing knobbies if you are wondering.

If anybody is riding out and needs some gas once they get there (a good call by the way) let me know and I can throw a 5 gallon can or two on the trailer with me for re-embursment.

I havent seen anybody step up to lead the Friday Freeway Loop yet for this year I will be arriving Friday night but Pops will be there all day Friday for early arrivals. (unless posted otherwise)

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